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Sydney Metro Pockets a Cool $12 billion in Future Funding. Lots of work for student graduates to come.

Engineering and civil works as well as building are hot study subject for students. As long as you can get the transport to get to the hot jobs in Sydney and regional Australia whilst we are in the building and development boom.

While we're on the subject of transport and moving, there was good news for Sydney's two new metro lines following the successful completion of initial tunnel work on Sydney Metro Northwest - full funding of $12 billion is now in place thanks to the latest New South Wales budget.

It's a development that should be welcomed by all Sydneysiders, and also students looking for work. This is also a good tribute to the incredible job the 400 tuneless and over 4,500 workers have done so far in keeping the project on track in terms of budget and well ahead of schedule. Hats off to all involved!

Lots of work for new graduates and those work are studying civil engineering, building, carpentry, electricians, general labourers, architects ,concreter’s. So if you have just finished your course or are studying and looking for work click here to talk to our partners at Unified global solutions to get you started or call Losi on 0403254192 . Keep reading our hot tips on up and coming industry jobs to help you decide on your study career.

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