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Welcome to the new age of learning and enhanced learning experiences.

With the addition of VR and AR [Virtual and Augmented reality learning systems and courses) we are now entering the age of the new revolution in learning where its shown that students can learn over 8-10 times faster with less errors and learn in a complete way. Students with a learning disabilities can also dramatically influence their learning in a positive way. This is now a game changer for Education.

Soon botanical students will be able to take lessons in a tropical rainforest studying -1500BC Flora and Fauna palm trees.

Medical students now can and will be able to continue to take lessons on the brain as if the student was traveling virtually through the blood vessels using their Oculus Rift headsets or being taught by Albert Einstein who'll be standing on the classroom podium. 

This is the aim of NTL's products and services area to help change and forge the way we learn using current technologies and working with leading developer’s and educators to help enhance learning for the future and for the better of mankind.

Need to learn will “virtually showcase “the best of VR and AR courses as well as helping Education and training institutions build and develop such courses so soon, prospective student know what and where they'll be studying with their fellow students and actually feeling as if they were really there taking subjects like a marine class on the Great Barrier Reef taught at James Cook Uni in Townsville, down to using fifth sense technology of even feeling hot and humid!

We want learning to be as real as our life experiences such as the operations and mechanics on oil rigs at the University of Tasmania, feeling cold, wet and slightly seasick whilst looking all around you and being able to calibrate and feel as you would be on location.

Take a physics student on a class from German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein best known for his theory of relativity alongside quantum mechanics and his best-known work E = mc2 which has been dubbed "the world's most famous equation" for which he received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. 

One could even see the ancient rituals indigenous Australian's do when one of derebruddas passed on to the great serpent in the sky.

If observational astronomy is your thing then have Galileo walk you through the four moons of Jupiter he identified, and while you're there why not observe and provide an analysis of boiling sunspots, and seeing as your going for an A why not present a paper on the theory of heliocentrism.

Moving ahead in time and Cryptography and mathematics is where you're at, the original founder of the new currency, Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is the fellow who designed the peer to peer decentralized currency and created the original reference implementation or Nakamoto will show you the underpinnings of the powerful Blockchain.

Students will be able to learn virtually, in class, with many of these well-known inventors, physicists, brain surgeons and etymologists.

The list goes on and on with the advances in ICT and technology a student will be able know almost everything they need. As Sal Khan, of the Khan Foundation said "You only have to know one thing: you can learn anything: For free. For everyone. Forever."

It's come to the stage where our institutions will need to provide more than they've previously been offering students to keep up with the world and the changing market for learning. If your interested in studying VR and AU courses and want to know what’s available drop us an email at if you want to offer a VR or AR course across our platform’s and global network contact us here at or if your looking to have our developers build and customise a VR or AR course click here and


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