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Four study problems and how to deal with them.

Being in the right headspace is the key to effectively study and getting into good study patterns will help you greatly here’s some tips how.

At a time where there is always a difficulty with finding the time to study and with limited allocated times in your busy schedule, being in the right headspace to do so properly is very important.

Students are continually looking at time effective solutions to overcome these challenges to in time help lighten their heavy workload.

Such difficulties range from temporary distractions right through to mental spasms affecting overall productivity. It can take what feels like extra-ordinary will power to overcome these issues, but the important thing to remember is that they all can be overcome once problems are noticed and addressed.

The first thing to recognise is that these problems are common to all students and at any stage in their education, so why not compile a list and start kicking goals?

Too Many Distractions

Where does it, distractions like social media, phones, relationships, television and promised outings with the friends all have a part in affecting our ability to focus on studies. If you feel your productivity is suffering from a multitude of distractions, it’s time to change your working environment to one more influenced by studies.

Creating the right environment first starts by strategically planning each week ahead of time with your student diary(if you don’t have one get one or at least a notepad) and also with the combination of journaling. Why the two? In surveys conducted by the highest achievers in studies and business, researchers came to the conclusion that 1 in 10 of over achievers updated their diary and personal journals daily.

Now… you have a life driven by time and personal relationships, which should be always recognised and kept, on track with. So doesn’t it make sense to write about it?Why not get the lessons from both and  get an added plus of getting more efficient in the way you spend your time and begin to move the distractions out of your study life because now you live for a reason!

Struggling to Concentrate

We are all familiar with the feeling of sitting in front of a blank page, staring at it; thinking is there anything else I can do? Procrastination is a symptom of lack of concentration and it doesn’t help that you’re scrolling through your Facebook, news feeds Instagram or texting at the same time.

Before you start anything you need to try to clear your mind or else it will hinder your productivity. It may help to write the problem down on paper, talk to somebody about it or do some exercise to get it off your chest before you start work.

Another reason could be because the problem feels bigger than you and you do not know where to begin. So again we use the same method of writing smaller tasks that can be completed. For example: rather than putting an entire essay on your agenda, divide up the tasks into smaller goals that are achievable.

Once all is written you want to find the right learning style for you that will enhance your concentration. We all learn in different ways so now try experimenting with different styles to make the most outof all your studies.

Finally it’s worth noting that difficulty concentrating can also arise from working too hard. In this case get some rest and the chances are that you’ll return to your desk feeling refreshed and much better able to concentrate.

Time is always a problem

Study at any level requires good time management, and if you find yourself struggling to meet deadlines, you feel overwhelmed with workorstaying up late to finish a piece of homework, this is a sign that you are you need to work on your time management skills.

Strongly recommending that you create a list of what needs to be done with deadlines in which each task is to be completed. Your routine and daily rituals becoming a habitual discipline through weekly planning ahead of each week . You’ll find much more time management tips and ways to improve workflow by simply going through your checklist to see what has been accomplished and what needs to be done at the end of the week.

You dislike the subject your studying

At some stage in your education it is inevitable that you’ll encounter a subject that you don’t like. Whether you find it boring or you feel your no good at it.

A change of mindset is needed to overcome this issue. You could devote a bit more time to getting better at it and you might find that you start enjoying it more. If not you run the high chances of landing a job, which has personalities that you will come to hate more than that course. Might as well push through it and in time you’ll get over it.

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