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Cardiff University, United Kingdom, Cardiff

Ancient and Medieval History, B.A.

  • Ancient and Medieval History, B.A.
  • Full-time
  • Duration : 3 years

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AUD 15,968

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Course Highlights

This course offers you the opportunity to combine the study of two different areas within a single, coherent degree programme. This integrated programme spans the Mediterranean and European worlds from the emergence of Greek communities after the end of the Bronze age to the end of the medieval period. It offers a balance between modules on historical periods (such as fifth and fourth century BC Greece, the conquests of Alexander the Great, the Roman Republic, the Early and Later Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Crusades, and the Angevin kings of England) and thematic social and cultural aspects (such as warfare, religion, politics, kingship, art, medicine, slavery, gender and ethnicity).

Career Opportunities

Career options for arts and humanities graduates: jobs you can do with a degree in arts and culture, languages, English, Irish, classics, philosophy, theology, performing arts etc. If you are graduating with a degree in arts or humanities, it's likely that you chose your subject for its own sake rather than as a means to an end or with a view to going into a particular career. Apart from teaching, there are very few career areas directly related to humanities graduates who wish to use their subject. That does not mean, though, that your career is not relevant to your job search.

Course Overview

The School of History, Archaeology and Religion offers programmes that are exciting, cutting edge, research- led and in tune with demand. The School maintains a thoroughly student-orientated approach to the acquisition of knowledge and skills and offering the highest quality learning environment in which individuals can develop.Teaching is delivered through a mixture of lectures, practicals, seminars, workshops, field courses and tutorials. Staff place value on small teaching groups and tutorials, and on contact with students. They believe that seminars and tutorials are an essential part of learning: they allow you to develop your skills in setting out your ideas and arguments and in communicating your knowledge, skills which are developed through the range of assessment methods we use in our modules. In addition, our degrees focus strongly on the development of skills essential for many careers.The School's programmes develop a range of important intellectual skills, including critical thinking, evaluating evidence, constructing arguments based on evidence, and presenting opinions effectively in writing and in debate. You will also gain valuable practical skills for example, team-working, independent research and time management.You will be assigned a Personal Tutor who is able to advise on academic, non-academic and personal matters in a confidential and informal manner. Students may have problems from time to time and the personal tutor system is designed to overcome these as effectively and quickly as possible. Strong pastoral support within the School is supplemented by university-wide assistance in housing, finances and career development.


Programme Structure Courses include: Introduction to Ancient Greek History Introduction to Roman History Medieval Europe Heresy and Dissent 1000-1450 The Military Orders 1100-1320 Slavery and Sin The Later Roman Empire 284 602 Gods and the Polis Roman Religion Greek Values Athens in the Age of Demosthenes and Lykourgos Science and Technology in the Graeco-Roman World Army and Society: Homer to Alexander Hellenistic Art and Architecture Life in Ancient Rome

Academic Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements Typical A-level OfferAAB (to include History/Ancient History)Typical WBQ OfferGrade A in the Core, with AA at A-level (to include History/Ancient History)Typical Int Bacc Offer34 points, including a score of 6 at Higher Level History

English Entry Requirement


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