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Cardiff University, United Kingdom, Cardiff

Ancient History and Italian, B.A.

  • Ancient History and Italian, B.A.
  • Full-time
  • Duration : 4 years

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AUD 15,968

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Course Highlights

Ancient History and Italian (BA) offers students the chance to not only learn and develop their knowledge of a rapidly popular European language, but provides the opportunity to place this knowledge in the historical context of Rome and other ancient civilizations. Paired with a compulsory half-year abroad in Italy, students will have first-hand experience of using vital language skills alongside their historical academic studies leading to important (and employable) skills acquisition.

Career Opportunities

Career options for arts and humanities graduates: jobs you can do with a degree in arts and culture, languages, English, Irish, classics, philosophy, theology, performing arts etc. If you are graduating with a degree in arts or humanities, it's likely that you chose your subject for its own sake rather than as a means to an end or with a view to going into a particular career. Apart from teaching, there are very few career areas directly related to humanities graduates who wish to use their subject. That does not mean, though, that your career is not relevant to your job search.

Course Overview

Ancient History provides you with the opportunity to study Greek and Roman history and society from the emergence of Greek communities after the end of the Bronze age to the fall of the Roman Empire in the west and its survival in the east as the Byzantine Empire. It offers a balance between modules on historical periods (such as fifth and fourth century BC Greece, the conquests of Alexander the Great, the Roman Republic, Early Imperial Rome and the Later Roman Empire) and thematic social and cultural aspects (such as warfare, religion, politics, art, medicine, gender and ethnicity).


Programme Structure This is a 4 year long degree programme comprising of some core modules that provide essential skills and training as well as a wide variety of optional modules for you to select from in order to tailor your degree to meet your interests.You can also take further courses in the humanities and social sciences thereby developing the range of skills and knowledge required of the historian, and providing a broad based first year which equips you with a range of skills and knowledge.

Academic Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements Typical A-level OfferABB.Three A-level subjects, generally including a B in a modern foreign language for beginners or B in Italian for the advanced pathway. Exceptions can be made according to personal circumstances. Two AS subjects may be considered in lieu of a third A-level.Typical WBQ OfferGrade A in the Core plus AA grades at A-level (must include a modern foreign language at A-level)

English Entry Requirement


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