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Curtin University, Australia, Bentley

Diploma of Health Sciences, Preparation Course

  • Diploma of Health Sciences, Preparation Course
  • Full-time
  • Duration : 1 year

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AUD 11,760

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On Campus


Course Highlights

The Diploma of Health Sciences is a highly flexible pathway which can be tailored to your individual needs and areas of interest.

Career Opportunities

The health and fitness field has many career options, so when you're trying to choose a career, you'll most likely want to first determine what type of degree you should pursue. Job options may differ if you earn an associate degree instead of a master's, for example. Some careers available within the health and fitness field include: Personal trainer Health club manager Wellness coach Athletic coach Fitness consultant Positions such as personal trainer, wellness coach, fitness consultant and athletic coach involve working directly with individuals to help them to improve their physical fitness for health or athletic performance. Health club manager and fitness club owner are business-related positions in which the work is mostly administrative.

Course Overview

The Diploma of Health Sciences is a highly flexible pathway which can be tailored to your individual needs and areas of interest. This level of flexibility may increase your employment opportunities and is an excellent choice if you are interested in health administration and/or health management. Health Science graduates have successfully entered other postgraduate programs within the same field. I want to find another Preparation Course Further Study After completion, students may be eligible to apply for entry into Curtin master programs in public health (food science, health information management, health promotion, occupational health and safety, public health and sexology), occupational therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy and speech pathology. Why study here Students studying first year units will gain a Diploma qualification, as well as entry into the second year of their chosen bachelor degree at Curtin. Curtin College Diploma (Stage 2) = Year 1 of your Curtin Bachelor Degree. Fast-track options are available, with the trimester system offering 3 intakes per year for some courses. Small classes sizes (around 25 students), so you can count on extra help and support when you need it. Cultural diversity around 1,200 students from 40 countries, at Western Australia's largest University.


Programme Structure Stage I Core Units Academic Writing and Communication Skills Academic Research & Writing Information & media Technologies Specialist Units (dependent upon chosen stream) Chemistry Mathematics I Mathematics II Physics I Stage II Core Units Academic Communication Electrical Systems Engineering Foundations Design & Processes Engineering Foundations Principals Communication Engineering Materials Engineering Mathematics 1 Engineering Mathematics 2 Engineering Mechanics Engineering Programming



Academic Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements General Certificate of Education (GCE) GCE O-Level with 4 passes Minimum of 4 points from 3 GCE A-Level International Baccalaureate (IB) TBC Minimum of 25 points over 6 IB units in one sitting Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Year 11 with 50%

English Entry Requirement


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