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Lancaster University, United Kingdom, Bailrigg

Mathematics with Statistics, B.Sc.

  • Mathematics with Statistics, B.Sc.
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Course Highlights

Problem solving skills lie at the heart of mathematics. From your first week, you will take part in regular classes to develop problem solving and teamwork skills, ensuring that you are a highly competent graduate valued by employers.

Career Opportunities

From the GPS navigation system that maps a destination within seconds to the text you send on your cell phone, inventions from applied science abound and have permanently changed society. Applied science is basically putting scientific knowledge to practical use. Graduates of associate degree programs in applied science find jobs as technicians, drafters and engineers. They also land jobs in health care as therapists and technicians.

Course Overview

Flexibility is built into all degree programmes at Lancaster. Specifically, this means that our nine single-honours degrees share a common core for the first two years, thus building foundations for further study in each of the disciplines of algebra, analysis, probability and statistics. In the second year, you choose to complete either a three year BSc Hons, or a four year MSci, specialising in either pure mathematics or statistics, or taking a combination of the two. Careers The versatility of a mathematics and statistics degree opens up a broad range of career options. Your skills in logical thinking, analytical working and problem solving are highly transferable and much sought after by employers. Recent graduates are pursuing career paths as actuaries, analysts, clinical and medical statisticians, software developers, accountants, and teachers. Others remain at Lancaster to study at Masters or PhD level.


Programme Structure Year 1 Calculus Discrete Mathematics Further Calculus Geometry and Calculus Linear Algebra Numbers and Relations Probability Statistics Year 2 2nd Yr Project Skills Abstract Algebra Complex Analysis Groups Introductory Real Analysis Linear Algebra II Probability II Real Analysis Statistics II Year 3 Likelihood Inference Project Skills

Academic Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements Grade Requirements A Level AAA including A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics OR AAB including A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics International Baccalaureate 36 points overall with 16 points from the best 3 Higher Level subjects including 6 in Higher Level Mathematics BTEC Considered alongside A level Mathematics (A) and Further Mathematics (A) Other Qualifications We welcome applications from students with other internationally recognised qualifications. For more information please visit the international qualifications webpage or contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office directly. Advanced/Higher level Mathematics or Further Mathematics are required for entry.

English Entry Requirement


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