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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, Cambridge

Public Health, B.Sc.

  • Public Health, B.Sc.
  • Full-time
  • Duration : 4 years

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AUD 9,166

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Course Highlights

Marshall University was the first to offer a Public Health undergraduate program in the state of West Virginia. Graduates of the program will be prepared to enter the exciting world of public health and to pursue graduate programs in public health or other health professions.

Career Opportunities

The health and fitness field has many career options, so when you're trying to choose a career, you'll most likely want to first determine what type of degree you should pursue. Job options may differ if you earn an associate degree instead of a master's, for example. Some careers available within the health and fitness field include: Personal trainer Health club manager Wellness coach Athletic coach Fitness consultant Positions such as personal trainer, wellness coach, fitness consultant and athletic coach involve working directly with individuals to help them to improve their physical fitness for health or athletic performance. Health club manager and fitness club owner are business-related positions in which the work is mostly administrative.

Course Overview

Public Health offers many varied career pathways. The discipline of public health from Marshall University offers numerous dynamic career pathways. Public health professionals work in a variety of different areas (such as environmental health, communicable disease, maternal and child health), settings (for example, governmental agencies, hospitals, community-based organizations), and position types (such as, health educator, epidemiologist, community health program manager). Hence, you can tailor your career pathway to your interests and strengths to make a difference in your community. The U.S. has made significant strides in addressing many of the disease and injuries that plagued our country in the early 20th century due to the implementation of public health measures such as immunizations, improved sanitation, and facilitating the adoption of healthy behaviors. However, much work remains to address the burden of chronic diseases, emerging infectious diseases, and injury. Public health professionals are vital front-line workers needed to improve the health of all community members. Where do Public Health graduates work Health care is one of the largest and most rapidly growing industries in the country. Recent reports continue to show that the health care industry needs professionally trained managers. Existing trends, such as the aging population, increasing health care technology, rising costs, and the expansion of managed care, all further suggest that this need will continue to expand in the years ahead. Most graduates from public health programs initially embark on entry-level management positions in public and private health care organizations: hospitals, nursing facilities, ambulatory care settings, HMO's and other managed care organizations, home health agencies, health insurance companies, consulting firms, and governmental health agencies Some pursue careers in more policy-oriented positions in professional associations. Career growth into mid- or executive-level positions depends on many factors including one's individual talents, preferences, and interests. Higher-level positions generally require a graduate degree. Baccalaureate prepared public health graduates often pursue graduate school in business, public administration, law, policy, public health, or selected clinical programs.


Programme Structure Courses Included: Medical-Lab Terminology Introductory Nutrition Intro to Epidemiology Comm Health and Public Health Intro Communic Disorders Prin Management Info Systems Advanced Composition.



Academic Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements Completed application for admission. A non-refundable application fee of $30. An official, final transcript, including graduation date, sent directly from the student's high school to the Marshall University Admissions Office. Official college transcript sent to the Marshall University Admissions Office. American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores.

English Entry Requirement


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



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