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Boston University, USA, Boston

Sculpture, Bachelor

  • Sculpture, Bachelor
  • Full-time
  • Duration : 4 years

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AUD 65,315

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On Campus


Course Highlights

The Sculpture program provides a sequenced studio approach to three-dimensional creation in a variety of materials and techniques that prepare students for lifelong learning as a professional artist.

Career Opportunities

If you re creative and imaginative, a degree in art could be just what you re looking for to express yourself. Art may not be a vocational subject that is, one that leads to a specific career but this does not mean it won t be a good preparation for the world of work. Whether you choose to specialize in fine art or the history of art, the skills you gain during your degree are likely to be highly valued and transferable to many sectors, including specialized art careers as well as many general graduate roles. Alongside a range of practical arts skills, art graduates should also have good observational, analytical and research skills, including the ability to solve problems creatively and work well both independently and in groups. In the majority of the art careers detailed below, you will find it essential or highly advantageous to have a varied portfolio of work to show prospective employers, including some of your own original ideas as well as coursework. The theoretical side of your degree should allow you to put this work into context, explaining your influences, the thought behind your choice of themes and why you used certain materials and techniques.

Course Overview

Through working from the figure and from observation, the backbone of the curriculum, students learn medium, form, and content. Students begin with Sculpture, the prerequisite for all other sculpture courses, followed by Sculpture and either Time Based Sculpture or Installation, which are advanced studio courses. These are followed by required Junior and Senior Studios and a Senior Seminar, which prepare students for their thesis exhibition. Faculty members work with each student to strengthen his/her technical expertise while also expanding his/her conceptual ideas through personal reflection, investigative research and ambition. I want to find another Bachelor Course Additional electives (including Welding, Ceramics, Sculpture Techniques, and Glassblowing) are offered so that students can focus more intensely on specific mediums and areas of interest. Through the demonstration of techniques, materials, studio practices, and critiques, students begin to answer questions concerning conceptual content utilizing all the facilities at Boston University.


Programme Structure The Sculpture curriculum provides technical, theoretical, and practical courses that prepare students for a professional career, whether it be as a professional artist or in one of the many ancillary professions available to someone with a diverse background in three dimensions.



Academic Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements The Common Application High School Transcript Senior Year Grades Guidance Counselor Recommendation and School Report Form Teacher Evaluation Standardized Tests Portfolios, Auditions and Interviews English Proficiency

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