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Get EFT for Kids, Emotional Intelligence, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Child Psychology, Child Counselling, Counselling Skills, Challenging Behaviour in Children and Young People, Childcare and Early Learning, Mindfulness for Children nad Positive Parenting in this Bundle 1. EFT for Kids: Equip Children With The Benefits Of EFT You may have only heard of the acronym, EFT, before or you may even have a good idea of what Emotional Freedom Techniques are, but you want to fully understand them, what they can do, and how to incorporate them into your and your children's lives. The EFT for Kids Course will help you to do so. This course is divided into 3 distinct parts. The 1st explains what Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are and their applications in adults, and the 2nd takes this knowledge and adds to it; describing how the practice of EFT can benefit children and how to apply the techniques to them and help them to learn them for themselves. The 3rd part explains how to go about becoming a professional EFT Practitioner and what an example client session could look like. Moving on from the theory and the basics, the EFT for Kids Course's 4th module focusses on how to complete the full procedure of EFT, from setup to application, detailing each part of the sequence with a simple, easy-to-follow sequence. The EFT for Kids Course introduces its 2nd part; explaining the use of EFT in the lives of children and how having this knowledge at a young age can be extremely powerful, and enable them to become more capable in resolving emotional challenges as they grow. What many of us forget in children, is that their emotions are still rudimentary and they will be experiencing some emotions for the very first time, which can be confusing and scary. You will learn about how children process emotions and how EFT can help them to gain control over their emotions, gain confidence, and even tackle physical pain and injuries. The course takes students through how to go about helping children to become aware of their emotions and accepting them, before going on to explain the tapping points and how to use them with a child. The course expands on the ways that children can be encouraged to practice EFT, and gives more techniques on how they can approach it themselves. We also highlight some common problems that children may face, which they may lack the emotional maturity to deal with alone, but that EFT can help with. The final part of EFT for Kids Course covers a little about being a professional EFT Practitioner; showing students what a typical client session could look like and how to go about gaining a career in this area. Who would benefit from the course The EFT for Kids Diploma Course would benefit parents who would like to help their children develop emotional intelligence and give them the tools to better understand their minds and improve their mental well-being. Whether they are having issues now or not, EFT is a simple practice that children can learn with relative ease and which will help them on their way to and through adulthood, as they are more capable in retaining emotional balance as anxiety presents itself. Aside from parents themselves, those who are interested in EFT in general or would like to pursue a career in this area, possibly specialising in EFT for children, will learn a lot here as the topic is covered comprehensively. 2. Emotional Intelligence: Learn How To Cultivate Emotional Intelligence To understand how to cultivate emotional intelligence, we must first understand emotion itself. This course explains how the brain and these natural responses have evolved with you, why they exist at all, and why it is that emotions are often able to take over our thoughts. The Emotional Intelligence Course also looks at chemical reactions and aspects of how the mind and brain meet, explaining how together they affect our health and wellbeing and how, through the management of the mind, we can maintain a healthy brain. You will also learn about intelligence and the current view of it along with the nature of emotional hijacking and how prevalent it is in society. When we allow emotions to govern our actions, it can affect our lives in negative ways. It is easy to be driven by emotive responses, despite trying to think logically. The course explores the ways in which we may respond with emotion, rather than logic, and how to regain control over these emotions, through recognising and understanding them. Our emotional state can also affect our physical health The course looks into how emotional stress and related conditions, such as anxiety and depression, can take their toll on the immune and cardiovascular systems. The course also looks into early learning environments and how our own emotional intelligence is affected by the behaviours of our parents. The course guides you through how to look at your own emotional intelligence. You will discover how to understand the common factors of our own emotional reactions. Using thought processes, such as mindfulness, you will learn how to manage emotion and the triggers that can cause problems in life and relationships. As well as reflecting on our emotions, it is important also to take the time to consider the emotions of others. The Emotional Intelligence Course looks at ways we can cultivate empathy and interpersonal intelligence, to ensure effective communication. You will learn about the 5 common traits used by scientists and psychologists to describe and understand personality. You will discover how to deal with difficult people and prevent emotional hijacking. As well as the personal use of emotional intelligence, the course also looks at the wider landscape of the subject. You will learn about how society uses emotional intelligence in business and individual success, as well as the deeper aspects of our existence, inclusive of energetic awareness and intuition. Who would benefit from the course This course provides a lifelong skill set for those who wish to understand emotions, their own and others, and would like to gain better control over their own mind and improve the way they communicate with others. Therapists and coaches will gain a lot from the course, as it explores traditional mindset management and the newly emerging awareness of the importance of procuring emotional intelligence throughout our lives. 3. EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Free Yourself From Emotional Blockages Train to become an EFT Practitioner and learn powerful techniques that can help yourself and others to overcome any physical or emotional blockages that may be holding you back in life. EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a mind / body tool that clears physical and emotional blocks from your energy system with nothing more than your fingers and intention. It is one of the simplest, fastest ways to heal from almost any kind of trauma, whether it happened yesterday or 50 years ago. EFT is so easy to learn and apply, it is non-invasive, gentle, forgiving and non-judgmental. It can be adapted to any situation and can be taught to children and adults alike. This powerful online course will teach you everything that you need to know to set up as an EFT Practitioner using all of the techniques to help yourself and others overcome a wide variety of problems. Who would benefit from this course The simplicity of EFT belies its effectiveness and speed. It often works where all other treatments have failed. Whilst results can sometimes take time with EFT, it is absolutely possible to get immediate and long-lasting relief from even serious and intractable problems like phobias and PTSD. 4. Child Psychology: Pursue A Career In Child Psychology It is the perfect choice for anyone who suspects they might want to pursue in a career in child psychology but does not yet feel they are in complete possession of the facts of what the field entails. Child psychology is the study of how a young person develops from birth up to adolescence. How he changes emotionally through that time, how his own identity is formed and how he will eventually learn to be able to speak a language. It examines how a child evolves through the processes of information processing and cognitive development. Behaviourally it looks at how a child begins to understand social behaviours and integrate accordingly. It investigates how motor skills develop, social skills and how identity is formed. 5.Child Counselling: Work With Children Who Wish To Deepen Their Skill Base It is the perfect choice for anyone who suspects they might want to pursue in a career in child psychology but does not yet feel they are in complete possession of the facts of what the field entails. Child psychology is the study of how a young person develops from birth up to adolescence. How he changes emotionally through that time, how his own identity is formed and how he will eventually learn to be able to speak a language. It examines how a child evolves through the processes of information processing and cognitive development. Behaviourally it looks at how a child begins to understand social behaviours and integrate accordingly. It investigates how motor skills develop, social skills and how identity is formed. Who would benefit from this course This course is ideal for those who wish to take their first steps in pursuing a career in child counselling or who are currently working in counselling but would like to specialise in this area. It provides detailed information on the reasons children may require the services of a child counsellor, the techniques used to support a child through fears and anxieties developed through experiencing trauma, and the training path you will need to follow to become qualified. This course also provides parents with an in-depth understanding of the work of a child counsellor and how they may be able to help their child, should they require it. You will learn how to actively listen to your child and notice the typical signs of trauma and how to go about finding a counsellor who is right for you and your child. 6. Counselling Skills: Beginner's Guide To Counselling This popular course will give you a firm foundation in counselling skills. If your job involves helping others, or if you simply want to be supportive to others, then you will learn techniques that will help you be more effective in that role. This course is ideal for those that are either complete beginners to the field of Counselling and are considering making a career change to become a counsellor, with the aim of getting an insight and understanding of counselling, or existing counsellors, teachers, coaches or parents looking to reinforce their knowledge or to pick up some new skills. This course is also ideal if you are interested in a career in the Counselling , though are unsure if you want to commit yourself financially and time wise to a full counselling qualification. This course is particularly suitable for those working in: health care, social work, pastoral work, care for the elderly and teaching. Your studies will provide you with a preliminary understanding of the skills and practice of counselling, as well as an appreciation of the personal qualities associated with the collaborative process of helping others. Counselling is essentially a lively, human and personal experience between two people. Therefore, it is a process which requires a commitment of time and effort from both parties. The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in helping others. It is particularly relevant for: employees in the caring professions pastoral workers social workers teachers Who would benefit from this course Counsellors are there to help their client look for and find answers to situations which are troubling them and to become more in charge of their lives, to feel empowered and gain a stronger sense of self. 7. Challenging Behaviour in Children and Young People: Help To Make Positive Changes Through Knowledge This course explains how parents, teachers, and others who care for children can help to make positive changes through knowledge, change in mindset and the implementation of effective strategies and techniques. The Challenging Behaviour in Children and Young People Diploma Course will look at what we mean by challenging behaviour and help us to understand the reasons behind difficult behaviours in children and young people. It will help you understand that there is always a reason for any behaviour, whether it seems obvious to us or not. It is their way of communicating with us, often in the absence of having any other way to do so. We will look at challenging behaviours across all ages and provide ways of dealing with these. We will cover how brain development from birth to the teenage years can account for certain behaviours, so we develop an understanding of what is going on in our children's minds and how we can help them. Who would benefit from this course The Challenging Behaviour in Children and Young People Diploma Course is designed to provide parents, carers, and teachers with a better understanding of child behaviour and the knowledge of how best to deal with it. The results of this will be a vast improvement in the relationships between you and the children in your care, whether in a parental or professional role. 8. Childcare and Early Learning: Learn The Knowledge & Understanding That You Need To Work In Childcare This course explains the benefits, importance, and value of Childcare and Early Learning. The socialisation & developmental opportunities that it can provide to children are given focus, as are the difficulties faced by parents using day care. Caring for someone else's child is a big responsibility and so comes with many guidelines to follow. The Childcare and Early Learning Diploma Course explains Health & Safety directives, Care Plans, Individual Educational Programmes (IEPs), Medical Needs, Safeguarding responsibilities and other associated issues. You will learn how children develop physically from birth onwards and how this development affects learning. The course also explains the ways in which health, environment, and genetic factors can affect physical development. Who would benefit from this course The Childcare and Early Learning Diploma Course will aid those considering a career in this area. Upon successful completion of this course, you will have gained an understanding of the roles of those working in Childcare, Education, and Playwork, and acquired the knowledge needed to take the next step on your career path. The information contained within the course is also beneficial to parents who wish to get a better understanding of how their children are being educated and how they may further aid their development at home. 9. Mindfulness for Children: Equip Your Child With The Tools And Benefits Of Mindfulness Mindfulness is often thought of as something that is used only by adults; in particular, to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. This course aims to help children to benefit from practising mindfulness and arm them with techniques that will help them to handle negative emotions better, and give them tools that they can use throughout their lives. The Mindfulness for Children Course discusses stress. This includes: the symptoms of stress, the factors that can contribute to a child becoming stressed, why stress exists, and the effects on the brain. We then explain how mindfulness can help counteract these effects and simple ways that it can be brought into the daily routine of a child as easily it can be in an adult's life, with similar positive effects. You will learn what mindfulness and mediation are, along with how they are different, how a child can practice both, and what the benefits of each are. We give practical meditation exercises and a list of other simple, one-minute exercises, which are ideal for children to practice. You will learn about the brain and its ability to create new neural pathways to adapt. This shows that while you may be used to thinking in a certain way, it is possible to change. It is also an interesting study into how our mind takes on new information and develops with us. It is important to take time out and stop living on autopilot, becoming more mindful of our lives, rather than being swept up in it. We give you techniques to help you and your child do this and advice and tips on how to gain a more fulfilling life through mindfulness. In a world where we are taught to strive for more and are presented with negative messages of the self and of the world through the various media outlets to which we subscribe, this module brings us back to the beautiful simplicity of appreciating what we have. Children can have great wants and needs, to be taught to appreciate what they have and be grateful for all they receive is a powerful life lesson. We provide you with 2 guided mediations and a 30-day gratitude journal, to help students to practice gratitude. The course provides exercises designed for children, for practicing mindfulness and helping self-confidence. We also provide 101 affirmations to choose from, for your children to use to quell the negative voice and bring positivity to their subconscious beliefs and inner-most thoughts. Who would benefit from the course The Mindfulness for Children Diploma Course requires no prerequisite knowledge, so is immediately accessible, no matter whether students have studied this subject before or have never heard of it. The course is designed for parents and others responsible for the care of children, to learn about mindfulness to then aid children in using the practice and gaining the benefits of doing so, all of which are explained in the course materials. As the course gives students a good basic understanding of mindfulness and mediation, care-givers can themselves use the information to begin their own mindfulness practice and to use as a foundation to go onto further study in this area. 10. Positive Parenting: Learn To Make The Most Impact With Your Parenting The Positive Parenting Course is full of tried and tested techniques, proven to work in bringing about change and beneficial results. It will teach you how to communicate in the most effective, positive way. All communication is effective. It's either negative or positive. We will look at the mistakes we make as parents, without knowing the impact of what we are doing or saying is having on our children. This course will show you ways to make the most impact with your parenting. It will teach you how to best connect with your offspring and have a rewarding parent/child relationship. Based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) principles, it will furnish you with practical ways to implement change and see the results you want. It will help you best understand and help your child reach their full potential and be happy, confident individuals with self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. You will learn how to communicate in a positive and effective way and enjoy parenting. The Positive Parenting Course is set across ten easy-to-consume modules, to make these positive changes an easier and more enjoyable experience. It also includes a Parenting Magic Journal, with an introduction and a guide on how to use it. Who would benefit from this course This course is for parents who didn t get the manual when their first child arrived . That d be all of us then! For you, if you re struggling with parenting and feel you have lost control, that your kids do not listen to you or do as you say The problem is you re not connecting with them and they are not hearing you . This course will help you to communicate easier and create a better relationship with them. Receive Lifetime Access to Course Materials, so you can review at any time. For comprehensive information on units of study click the units of study tab above. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your future, sharpen your training skills and learn what it takes to create your own success with Courses For Success Today! Course Fast Facts: All courses are easy to follow and understand Unlimited lifetime access to course materials Study as many courses as you want Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time Download printer friendly course content Course Delivery Courses are accessed online via our learning management system by any device including PC, tablet or Smart Phone. Upon purchase an automated welcome email will be sent to you (please check your junk email inbox if not received as this is an automated email), in order for you to access your online course, which is Available 24/7 on any computer or smart mobile device. Recognition & Accreditation Upon completion of each course assessment, you will receive a certificate per course. An accredited certificate from the awarding body relating to your course, a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course and a certified Diploma certificate.

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