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Boston University, USA, Boston

Criminal Justice, MCJ

  • Criminal Justice, MCJ
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  • Duration : 2 years

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The Master of Criminal Justice program is designed for those who want to advance in the field of criminal justice, enter it, or simply gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating discipline.

Career Opportunities

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Course Overview

The field of criminal justice is changing. Technological advancements, coupled with contemporary world events, have created an ever-increasing need for criminal justice professionals who have insight into the sociological, legal, theoretical, and practical arenas of law enforcement. An MCJ degree from Boston University’s Metropolitan College will give you a competitive edge whether you plan to enhance your career, teach, apply to law school, or pursue a doctorate. Degree candidates will take courses where they will analyze criminal behavior, apply principles of leadership in organizational settings, learn theories of social control, and gain an informed perspective of law enforcement, the judicial system, and corrections. Ever evolving and often misunderstood, crime and justice are central to the moral fabric and social cohesion of society. I want to find another Master Course Taught by leading criminal justice faculty who have extensive experience and scholarship in policing, the judicial system, and corrections, the online Master of Criminal Justice will provide you with the knowledge and preparation to: Advance your career Lead the criminal justice community Assess and analyze criminal justice issues using improved critical thinking Expand both your competencies and networking affiliations in criminal justice administration Teach in the field of criminal justice Provide a strong academic foundation to pursue doctoral studies or law school


Programme Structure Courses include: Criminology Victimology Youth Crime Problems White Collar Crime Terrorism Crime and Punishment Analytical Methods Research Methods Forensic Behavior Analysis



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Secondary School Records Final Year Grades English Proficiency Testing Results Documentation of Financial Support Passport Photocopy English Placement Examination Financial Aid and Scholarships Visa Information

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