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California State University, USA, Los Angeles

Sociology - Criminology and Criminal Justice, B.A.

  • Sociology - Criminology and Criminal Justice, B.A.
  • Full-time
  • Duration : 4 years

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Sociology - Criminology and Criminal Justice program at California State University Northridge is intended for those students who have an interest in the study of criminology and criminal justice. It provides students with theoretical and practical foundations for an understanding of deviance, criminal behavior and criminal justice institutions. In addition, this option provides the student with skills for further education or entry-level employment in the areas of criminology and criminal justice.

Career Opportunities

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Course Overview

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Option is offered at California State University Northridge. Student Learning Outcomes Completion of the degree in Sociology will provide the student with: A knowledge and understanding of the basic data, concepts, theories (classical and/or contemporary) and modes of explanation appropriate to the understanding of human societies. A basic knowledge of the four options offered in the department general sociology, criminology/criminal justice, social welfare (method/practice); and work and society. The statistical and methodological skills (both qualitative and quantitative) needed for sociological research, their application to real-world problems and the appropriate interpretation of research results.


Programme Structure Courses include: Introductory Statistics Introductory Sociology Sociological Analysis Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice Social Statistics and Lab Sociological Theory I and Research Seminar in Sociological Theory Criminological Theory Methods of Social Research and Lab Culture and Personality Jewish Communal and Family Structure Ethnic Diversity in America Sociology of Sex and Gender Chinese Society Jewish Identity in the U.S. Race Relations Class, Status and Power



Academic Entry Requirement

Academic Requirements Eligibility Requirements To be considered for admission as a first-time freshman, you must meet all the standard CSU admission criteria below: 1. Graduate from high school or have the legal equivalent of a high school diploma. 2. Complete the college preparatory subject requirements (a-g course list) with a grade of C or better: English: 4 years Mathematics: 3 years. Algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra Social Science/History: 2 years, including 1 year U.S. history or U.S. history and government Science: 2 years. 1 biological science with lab, and 1 physical science with lab Foreign Language: 2 years in the same language (subject to waiver for applicants demonstrating equivalent competence) Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year. Art, dance, drama/theater, or music Electives: 1 year. Selected from English, advanced mathematics, social science/history, laboratory science, foreign language, visual and performing arts, or any other courses approved and included on the UC/CSU "a-g" list. International Students All OFFICIAL secondary-school records including certificates, examination grades, degrees or diplomas in original language of issue. Your records must include official verification of high school completion. Official English translations of all academic records including certificates, degrees or diplomas. Do not fax translations. Applicants who have studied in the U.S. are also required to have the U.S. institution(s) send official transcript(s) directly to CSUN.

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